At Canteen Cowboy Photography, we believe in working with each individual customer to create a positive and memorable atmosphere during our photo sessions. Our goal is that you feel comfortable with our entire team, as often we are all hands on in the photo-process.


An idealist at heart. Constantly driven by creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Patrick’s artistic interests in recent years have revolved around experimentation with natural light photography, interpreting vintage lifestyles, and macro food photography.



An old soul and 4th generation cattlewoman. Sara navigates modern chaos of the food science world with a panache and flair for all things vintage and an open addiction to Bakelite. Traveling around the country on a regular basis for work, Sara’s photography inspirations are derived from studying the art of the American Southwest and macro food photography.


Sara at the Reading WWII Weekend


Cattle Doge. Wannabe Corgi. The best friend a human could ever have. Balto lives with Patrick and Sara, often serves as inspiration, was rescued from the streets of Houston, survived a near death rattlesnake bite experience, photobomber extraordinaire, greeter of ALL the people, and lives a very spoiled life, often sleeping on the couch.

Balto - Caped Crusader